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Spiffing up your Etsy storefront is no different than getting the front of your brick-and-mortar store to look inviting. The goal is the same, too: to entice customers to come on in and browse the goods. Since quality images are a must on Etsy, it's important that you know the correct Etsy photo sizes. This'll help you create effective visuals for your store, like shop banners, product photos, receipts, icons, and more.

In this tutorial, we'll cover the most recent Esty photo size requirements and quick ways to upload — and update — your Etsy shop with ease.

All things Etsy photo sizes

In an advanced technological world, it's no surprise commerce has also gone digital. This year, the global e-commerce market is expected to hit 5.55 trillion. In the same world — one with social media influencers, self-starters, and entrepreneurs galore — we've reached the point where a bad quality image can absolutely make or break sales.

Don't let the wrong image specs be the reason for lost cash. Not to fear! We have all the latest Etsy image sizes for you to make sure your shop's in tip-top shape.

We've crafted this nifty table with the latest Esty photo size limits. Once you're familiar with the specs, you can browse our pre-designed Etsy banner templates that are already sized right for you — just click and replace our images and words with your own.

Mini shop bannerMinimum: 1200 x 160px; Recommended: 1600 x 213px
Big shop banner (cover photo)Minimum: 1200 x 300px; Recommended: 1600 x 400px
Profile photo500 x 500px
Order receipt banner760 x 100px
Carousel banner1200 x 300px (Etsy Plus only)
Collage Banner2 images: minimum of 600 x 300px each; 3 images: minimum of 400 x 300px each; 4 images: minimum 300 x 300px each (Etsy Plus only)
Shop icon500 x 500px
Listing imagesAt least 2000px on shortest side and resolution of 72PPI
Team logo170 x 100px
Thumbnail570 x 456px (Use 4:3 aspect ratio)

And if you're just starting out — congrats! But we know you also might be confused about the differences between these choices. Here's a quick breakdown of each Etsy photo option.

Shop banner

Shop banners are one of the most important assets to have appropriately sized on your website, as they're the first thing consumers see. Especially if you track traffic on your site, poorly sized images can increase your bounce rate and impact other important metrics.

First impressions are everything, so keep this in mind when choosing a mini or big Etsy shop banner.

For more on how to make an Etsy shop banner that knocks people's socks off, click here.

Profile photo

Your Etsy profile photo distinguishes you as the shop owner and is therefore extremely important to size right. No one wants an enlarged face or something microscopic that's hard to see.

Your profile pic option lives under "Shop owner" and next to your name on the shop site, so make it a good one! Say cheese.

Order receipt banner

Etsy order receipt banners are equivalent to mini shop banners with one significant difference. Instead of appearing on the shop site, this mini shop banner is designed specifically for packing slips and order receipts.

Etsy carousel banners are an option for Etsy plus members. This feature lets you add four more images than you'd otherwise be allowed. This can help shoppers better understand products and experience them from different angles. You can also link these banners to different products or sections.

Collage banner

Similar to the carousel banner, Esty collage banners are for Etsy plus members. They offer between two-four additional pics for consumers to engage with. If you're selling intricate products that require explanation or additional photos, this option's for you.

Shop icon

Your Etsy shop icon is essentially your logo for the business. This is your opportunity to build brand recognition and introduce your vibe by way of brand color palettes, fonts, graphics, and other stylistic choices.

Always consider a first-time customer and what they need to see for your brand to stick. Plaster that logo with pride as many places as you can to build customer loyalty.

Don't have a logo yet? Make a logo with PicMonkey fast with our noteworthy templates here! If you do already have one, consider updating your style with our nifty curved text tool or a fresh new color palette.

Listing images

Listing images are exactly what they sound like! They're the image associated with your product listing and are therefore critical to size correctly. If consumers don't know what they're looking at, sales will reflect it.

Team logos are made for Etsy teams so you can connect with other sellers. Consider it a community or network that lets you grow, learn, and evolve with other sellers online. Having a distinct and appropriately sized team logo can inform the quality and size of your support group.


The thumbnail is the image that buyers see in your shop home, on google searches, and other places on the site. For that reason, it's critical to have the right size thumbnail to maintain consistent branding.

Best practices for Etsy photo size limits

  • Supported file types: JPG, PNG, and GIFs. Etsy does not support animated GIFs or transparent PNGs. When downloading your image in PicMonkey, simply choose JPG or PNG for your preferred option.

  • File size: Recommended under 1MB (otherwise you might encounter upload problems).

  • Color profile: Convert images to sRGB color profile so that colors remain the same after upload (don't worry — all images made in PicMonkey export as sRGB).

  • Optimal listing images:

    • Your first photo in a listing should be landscape orientation or square.

    • Upload similarly shaped listing photos for a better browsing experience.

    • If an image is uploading to Etsy sideways, try editing it beforehand or retake the photo with your camera in a new position.

Easily size Etsy photos in PicMonkey

In a hurry? We got you. Hop into PicMonkey and easily crop images to meet Etsy's size requirements. Plus, share your product photos directly from PicMonkey!

To crop a photo

  1. Open your image in PicMonkey.

  2. Under the Edits tab on the left, select Crop Canvas.

  3. Click "Etsy Item Listing Photo" from the Aspect Ratio drop-down menu (make sure Scale photo is checked to ensure the integrity of your final image).

  4. Adjust the bounding box as desired.

  5. Click Apply to save your changes.

Share your listing directly to Etsy

  1. Click Share in the right corner of the top toolbar.

  2. Select Etsy Listing and authorize the connection between PicMonkey and your Etsy account (if this is your first time sharing from PicMonkey).

  3. Enter the listing title, then upload your photo.

  4. PicMonkey will give you the direct link to the image in Etsy.

  5. Visit your Etsy account where the image will be saved as a draft listing.

Boom. Now that you've updated your preferred Esty photo sizes, it's time to make that money. Get after it!

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