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All About the Graphic Tools Menu

The Graphic tools menu appears when you’ve added a graphic to your canvas. The tools menu allows you to customize the look of a graphics by changing its color, cropping or erasing parts of it, adding a shadow or outline, and even animating the graphic.

The menu items

  • Change colors: Click the color wheel to change a color in the graphic. 

  • Fill with image: Choose a photo to put inside a graphic.

  • Animate: Make your graphic move; download as a GIF or MP4. (Pro subscribers only)

  • Shadow & outline —

    • Drop shadow: put a shadow underneath your graphic for a 3-D effect. 

    • Inner shadow: put a shadow inside your graphic for an engraved look. 

    • Outline: Put a color outline around your graphic.

    • Knockout: Removes the graphic/image and leaves behind the shadows and/or outline. 

  • Crop layer: Remove edges from a graphic.

  • Erase: Remove parts of the graphic

  • Fade & blend —

    • Fade: Use the slider to make your graphic more transparent. 

    • Blend mode: Select a blend mode to make your graphic blend in differently with the background. 

  • Replace image: Choose an image to replace the graphic.

Bottom icons:

  • Rotate arrows: Use the circle arrows to rotate the graphic 45 degrees.

  • Flip triangles: Flip it across a horizontal or vertical line. 

  • Trashcan: Remove the graphic from your canvas. 

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