Checklist Maker

Make checklists with PicMonkey's easy-to-use checklist maker tools

PicMonkey’s online checklist maker tools help you create eye-catching checklists that make you feel good about getting things done. Customize yours with graphics, text, colors, and more. Get started with a free seven day trial!

Make checklists with PicMonkey's easy-to-use checklist maker tools

How to make a checklist

Pick a template

Grab yourself a checklist template to get started. If you're chock-full of design inspo, create your own from scratch with a blank canvas.

Customize your template

Give your checklist personality with customized graphics. Swap in your own text on the template if you’d like to define new sections. Then try a text effect like curve, outline, or drop shadow. You can also choose from hundreds of beautiful fonts to truly make the design your own.

Explore color patterns

Different colors elicit different feelings. Decide the vibe you’re going for, and consider various color combinations for your final design.

Download and print

Your finished design will auto-save so that you can always edit it in the future. Once you’re happy with your product, download and print on some durable cardstock so that you can put your hard work to use!

FAQs about making checklists

What’s the point of a checklist?

Daily or weekly to-dos, a much needed memory boost, positive visual affirmation...checklists cover it all! Use a checklist to stay organized, proactive, and moving forward in the hectic rush of daily life. Beautify yours for added inspo. You can check things off on a plain piece of notebook paper, or on a snazzy professionally designed template. Doesn’t the second option sound better?

Should I use a checklist?

Are you someone who craves that wonderful moment where you get to tangibly check off something you’ve completed? If so, a checklist might be for you. Not to mention — if you’re planning an event with a lot of steps or materials, a checklist is a fantastic way to make sure you don’t forget anything.

How do I accomplish the items on my checklist?

Set reasonable daily goals for yourself! Think about that old adage: “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Too often, we like to give ourselves a grocery list of things to do each day, and when we don’t accomplish all of them (because it’s impossible), we feel bad. Keep your checklist actionable and manageable.

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Making checklists with PicMonkey

Everyone tries their best to stay organized. Some succeed more than others. If you’re on top of your organizational game and just looking for a creative way to maintain momentum, try one of our gorgeous checklist templates. And if you’re searching for some much needed organizational inspo and that amazing feeling of checking off completed tasks, then...try one of our gorgeous checklist templates. It’s sure to help you conquer any task, event, or even grocery store trip!

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