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Does PicMonkey Have a Mobile App?

Yes, PicMonkey has an app that is available for both Mac iOS and Android. It is free.

The app is a scaled down version of PicMonkey for desktop, but you can still do a lot. It is especially handy for posting from your smart device directly to social media.

Things to know about the PicMonkey mobile app’s functionality:

  1. You can access files in your Hub that you started on the desktop, however they will be flattened in the app so you will not be able to edit layers.

  2. The app is free to download and use. To unlock the Touch up tools in the app, you can purchase them for $1.99. (Currently only available in the iOS app.)

  3. PicMonkey Basic and PicMonkey Pro subscribers have full access to the app and do not need to upgrade their app to access the Touch up tools.

Tips and tutorials for using the PicMonkey mobile app

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