Facebook Cover Photo Size: Your Definitive Guide for 2022

Too many businesses let their Facebook cover photos fall through the cracks. Adding oil to water is a variety of size specifications for your Facebook images. Today we're talking Facebook cover photo size (see also: banners).

Unfortunately, it's not like that crazy comfortable pair of one-size-fits all stretch pants you bought last month. Don't worry. In this guide, you'll find the sizes you seek, as well as quick how-tos on using PicMonkey's tools to create designs that adhere to the right Facebook banner size.

Facebook cover photo size for 2022

Event Cover1200 x 628 px
Group Cover1640 x 856 px
Page Cover1640 x 924 px

These are your basic Facebook cover photo sizes, and you can use PicMonkey's templates or pre-sized blank canvases to get the look you want fast.

Note: PicMonkey's page cover templates are set at double the recommended size (1640 x 624 px) removing any chance of sizing-gone-wrong tragedy.

Create a Facebook cover photo with a pre-sized blank canvas

Get started on your design with one of PicMonkey's blank canvases.

In PicMonkey click on Create new > Blank Canvas, and scroll down to the Facebook category. Select the canvas you want to open it in PicMonkey.

Once your canvas is open, you can add photos, graphics, text, and/or brand the design with your own logo!

Crop an existing photo to the right Facebook cover size

First, click Create new and navigate to the place your photo is stored. Next, click Crop Canvas and set your Aspect Ratio to Facebook Page Cover. A grid will appear. Click and drag its corner handles to move it where you want. Afterward, click Apply and boom! You now have a correctly sized cover photo.

Make a Facebook cover photo with a design template

Browse all Facebook cover templates in PicMonkey.

We'll always share the info you need to master Facebook sizes, but if you want to make things easy-peasy on yourself, our Facebook templates are the way to go.

From the PicMonkey homepage, click Templates on the top toolbar and search for "Facebook cover photo" or "Facebook banner." Select the one you like and then, like a blank canvas, customize it however you want.

Swap images for your own or pull from our stock photo library. Add fun graphics or photo effects. Play with colors...there's SO MUCH you can do, so long as it stays on-brand. While text should be kept to a minimum, consider how you want to show off the text you do choose to include.

On your phone? We have Facebook cover templates available on the PicMonkey mobile app, too.

Using Smart Resize to output your image to other sizes

Become a PicMonkey Pro subscriber and unlock access to Smart Resize, along with a whole bunch of other magical capabilities.

For PicMonkey Pro subscribers, our Smart Resize tool will basically do all of your work for you. This is the Rolls-Royce of design tools when you want multiple images in different sizes.

You simply check off desired sizes, and if you want to retain the current image as is, click Copy & resize. You’ll notice that the original image is stored in Hub along with your new sizes. If you only want to resize your original, just click Resize.

More Facebook photo sizes (2022)

Social media image typeDimensions in Pixels
Facebook Ad1200 x 628 (desktop)
Facebook Ad Carousel1080 x 1080
Facebook Event Cover1200 x 628
Facebook Group Cover1640 x 856
Facebook Page Cover820 x 360
Facebook Post1200 x 1200
Facebook Profile Image360 x 360
Facebook Shop1600 x 1200
Facebook Story1080 x 1920

                                    Psst. Need sizes for other social media accounts?

Facebook cover photo design tips

Now that you’ve learned how to size your Facebook cover photo, we'll leave you with a few design tips to propel your work into the upper echelon of social media images.

1. Create a unique image

It’s easy to safeguard yourself from a design-gone-wrong by, ironically, creating a design-gone-stale. Think about what you want people to feel when they see your cover photo. Choose one of our customizable templates to help fast-track this process. Captivate your audience and generate leads with eye-catching imagery. Use colors and fonts that match your brand, and consider unique looks like a Facebook banner collage.

2. Don’t overcrowd your design

Ever seen a Baz Luhrmann film? He’s who we’d call an auteur, known for a highly individualized style. One scene from a film of his always promises to have a lot going on. Like, a lot a lot. It’s not for everyone, but film also has the advantage of fluidity.

Simply put: If you throw 20 different layers onto your image, flood it with copy, aggressive call-to-actions, and use graphics like sprinkles on a cupcake, it’s going to be a lot a lot to handle. Also, 99% of the time, it won’t work. Exercise caution when deciding how many different elements to feature in your single cover photo design.  

3. Optimize your cover photo size

Given how much we’ve talked about photo sizes, we felt it only right to repeat: Triple quadruple check your Facebook cover photo size! Bookmark this page so that you always have the correct sizes handy. Take full advantage of our intuitive design tools so that sizing your photo is actually a piece of cake. 

Did you know? Your photo’s display will be different between a desktop and smartphone. Ugh. We know. When designing, it’s best to keep the focal point of your image within what’s known as the safe zone. That is, the middlish area of a regular desktop design so that when your image is reduced on a mobile screen, none of the goods are cut off.

Flash reviews: Allposters and Beats by Dre

Alright, obviously we can’t run through every single business’s Facebook cover photo, but we did want to shine the spotlight on a couple now that you’re full of design know-how. Both of these businesses, Allposters and Beats by Dre, have fantastic Facebook cover photos. Let’s talk about why. 

Even if AllPosters didn’t have the word poster in its name, you’d know what this company sells. Not only is it visually clear that they specialize in poster retail, this image pops. There’s a vibrant combination of colors and posters of all styles, organized in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. 

Instead of wasting space with a bunch of unnecessary text, AllPosters stayed true to its brand. It sells visual products, and those take center stage here. Plus, no aggressive call-to-action. There’s a Shop Now button, but nothing too salesy.

Beats by Dre’s cover is a mega high-quality image that tells a story, while also leaving viewers with a shared question: What’s he listening to? 

There’s a certain level of minimalistic style to this design. Beats by Dre has chosen provocation and emotion over all else. The person in this photo is well-fashioned, relaxed, and “in the zone.” Why? Because he’s using Beats by Dre. You’ll notice, too, that the product’s logo is clearly visible. We know what these are and who makes them. On top of that, there’s a vibe that comes with owning Beats, and we get a taste of it from this cover photo.

Let’s make stunning Facebook cover designs together.
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