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Different font pairings for business cards, cocktail menus, and more against a light orange background.

30 Font Pairings for All Your Designs

Use PicMonkey's top 30 font pairings to inspire your own designs with all the style and finesse.
Desert with vintage filter over it. Cactus, sun, circle, and star graphics. Text that reads: "Desert living."

2022 Creative Trends: Way Out West

Howdy, Ranger! Learn how to spur up your wild-western designs with this 2022 creative trend.
Various mobile design templates available in the PicMonkey mobile app.

What’s New: PicMonkey Mobile App for iOS

Come check out all the new stuff in the PicMonkey mobile app for iOS!
Spooky Halloween fonts for your designs.

13 Spooky Halloween Fonts for Scare-Raising Pics

Put PicMonkey's frightening fonts on your graphics, invites, and collages.
how to upload and use your own fonts in PicMonkey

How to Use Your Own Fonts in PicMonkey

Upload your own fonts to use in PicMonkey desktop and mobile. Learn how.
photo doodles 5 ideas for how to draw on images or write on pictures

Photo Doodles: 5 Ideas for Drawing on Pics (on Purpose)

Use the Draw Tool to make these of-the-moment designs.
Picmonkey has thousands of unique cool fonts check out the 250 new fonts just added

Favorite Designer Fonts in PicMonkey

Looking for a ton of cool font options in your photo editing program? Check out all the fonts at Pic...
how to put different fonts together a guide to font pairing

How to Use Font Pairings Like a Pro

Serif, sans serif, script, monospaced, or display -- we'll show you how to perfectly put your font p...
How to add text to photos

Add Text to Pictures with Fresh Fonts from PicMonkey

Learn all about how to add text to pictures and get a sneak preview into the hundreds of fonts avail...

Say it with Text Layouts

Use PicMonkey's text layouts to create text-based designs with multiple complementary fonts.

Typography Design Trends for 2019

See what designers are doing with type in 2019.

Apply Anything to Anything in PicMonkey

Touch Up more than faces. Add textures to fonts. Spice up your projects with unexpected effects.

Text Effects for Maximum, Fist-Pumping Impact

Make your words shine within any design with PicMonkey's text effects.

Images with Text Trends You Gotta Get in On

Words don’t have to be relegated to the sidelines. Combine your images with text to create something...

Make A Personalized Baby Gift with Newborn Stats

Forget blankets and booties! This tutorial will show you how to make an adorable personalized baby g...