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How Do I Create Multiple Brand Kits?

A brand kit is like a portfolio of frequently used fonts, logos, colors, graphics, and other assets important to your brand. With a PicMonkey Business subscription, you'll be able to create more than one brand kit, so you can codify unique looks for different campaigns, different clients, or seasonal content. 

The best part? Your brand kit assets are always at the ready in PicMonkey, appearing at the top of editing controls in the side panel.

How do I add a second (third, fourth, etc.) brand kit?

For the basics of on how to create your first brand kit, see How do I make a brand kit? To add another brand kit, simply click the "Create a new brand kit" button on the Brand Kit page, and follow the same steps — click the plus signs to add more elements. (Reminder: Multiple brand kits are available to PicMonkey Business subscribers only.)

How do I delete a brand kit?

Hover your mouse over the thumbnail of the brand kit you want to delete, and click the 3-dot menu button. Then choose Delete

What if I downgrade to Pro after I've created several brand kits (since a Pro subscription only allows one)?

If you are have a one-person Business subscription and you downgrade to Pro, only the first brand kit created will be available to you once you've made the switch. If your Business subscription is for multiple people and you have multiple brand kits, the first brand kit listed (whether created by the team owner or a team member) will be accessible to the team owner only.

How many fonts, logos, graphics, templates, and colors can I add?

You can add  any number of color palettes, fonts, logos, graphics, and templates.

I already uploaded my custom fonts to PicMonkey. If I want these fonts to be my ‘Brand Fonts’ do I need to add them myself?

Yes, you must again upload your custom font to your brand kit.

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