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How Do I Reopen Something I Already Worked on?

Hub is online storage for images edited in PicMonkey. Everything you work on in PicMonkey is automatically saved to your Hub. This enables you to continue editing at another time or location. 

Accessing recent files from the homepage

'Auto-saved to my Hub' on the homepage provides quick access to images most recently worked on. Just click on an image to load it into the editor. 

If you're looking for something other than your most recent works, click on the Unsorted folder in the left Hub folder menu on the homepage. Or choose any folder you recently stored an image in.

Copy vs original 

If you want to keep your original image as-is, but want to work on another version of the image, choose "Edit a Copy" instead of "Edit image". 

(Note: If you used previous versions of PicMonkey, it's important to keep in mind that rather than Hub not updating until you decide to save, Auto-save happens as you work, just as if you clicked Save after performing any action.)

Accessing Hub from the Editor

To return to the PicMonkey homepage (which is also your Hub headquarters), simply click the PicMonkey logo in the upper left corner of the window.

If you want to add an image from Hub to your current project that you have open in the editor, you do not need to leave and return to the homepage. Instead, click "Add image" on the top tool bar and select "Hub" as the source.

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