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Hub and Shared Spaces

Hub is PicMonkey’s cloud-based storage platform. As you work in PicMonkey, your project is autosaved to Hub. There is no need to Save your work. 

Hub stores your images as multi-layered files. That means you can continue to edit the various elements (text, graphics, photos) within your images at a later time. You can access Hub from the Mobile App, as well as from a browser on a smartphone or tablet. 

In Hub your projects are stored in either a PRIVATE Space or in one or more SHARED Space(s).

  • Inside of each Space, you can create Folders to further organize your projects. 

  • PRIVATE Space is accessible only to you. 

  • SHARED Spaces (and all the folders within a particular Shared Space) are accessible to you and to whom you grant access. 

  • You have one PRIVATE space and unlimited SHARED spaces. 

The different subscription levels have differing space allowances in Hub. 

  • Pro subscribers: have unlimited storage in Hub. 

  • Basic subscribers: have a 1GB storage limit.

Read more about PicMonkey subscription types.

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