Free Intro Maker

Create custom video intros with PicMonkey's free intro maker tools

PicMonkey’s intro maker tools help you create the perfect introduction to one heck of a Youtube video. Customize with graphics, fonts, colors, and more to match your video’s main content. Start designing for free today!

Create custom video intros with PicMonkey's free intro maker tools

How to make a video intro

Pick a template

Start with a template to give yourself something customization-ready. Or, if you’re feeling truly inspired, channel that inspo into a blank canvas.

Add your video

Swap in your own video to replace the existing video on the template. Crop or edit your video right on the canvas, apply effects, and position exactly where you want it. You can also browse our stock video collection for the perfect video footage.

Customize your template

Add text to your template or replace existing text with your own message. Adjust size and position as you see fit. Consider a text effect like curve, outline, or drop shadow. You have hundreds of beautiful fonts to choose from!

Download and share

When you’re all set, download your video as a shareable MP4 or GIF. We'll also always store your video in our cloud storage, so if you ever need to jump back into the editor and make changes, you can do so in a flash.

FAQs about video intros

What is a video intro?

A YouTube video intro is a short clip that you use to introduce your video. Remember in high school when your teacher used to yell at you about writing an engaging essay intro? Same goes for this medium.

What should I put in a video intro?

Keep your design aligned with your brand. Typically, you want to aim for a message between 10-15 seconds that’s introductory by nature and lets viewers know what they’ll garner from your video. The best part about using a well-designed template is that, save for the informational component, you can use the template again and again to create structure and visual cohesion among your pieces of content.

Why are video intros important?

As the term suggests, video intros introduce your video. So they’re the first thing any viewer will see. This is why you want an intro that’s informative, concise, and engaging.

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Making video intros with PicMonkey

Billions of people use YouTube, which means you don’t have much leeway to skimp out on a stellar video from start to finish. It all begins with the video intro; that bite-sized snippet of what your content is about. We don’t want to say it’s do this right or bust but...if your video intro isn’t straightforward, engaging, and informative, then why would someone keep watching? Put the same effort toward your intro that you’ve put into the main bulk of your content, and it’s likely to strike a chord with viewers!

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