White Hall Township Public Library
Internet Usage Policies

The White Hall Township Public Library is offering to it's patrons access to the Internet with the following disclaimers:
General Policies
Library patrons have certain rights with respect to use of electronic information networks such as the internet.
Children's Access to the Internet
The library supports the right of all library users, including children, to access information via the Internet with the following conditions:
  • Parents, not library staff, are expected to supervise their children's use of the Internet and to discuss with them issues of appropriate use and safety.

  • The library limits the unsupervised use of the Internet to those individuals 6th grade and older.

Conditions and Terms For Use of Equipment and the Internet
The Library requires patrons using the Internet to do so within the guidelines of acceptable use. The following activities are NOT acceptable:
  • Use which results in the harassment of other users.

  • Destruction of, damage to or unauthorized alteration of the library's computer equipment, software, or network security procedures.

  • Use which in any way violates licensing and payment agreements between the library and internet providers.

  • Unauthorized duplication of copy protected software or violation of software license agreements.

  • Saving files to the hard drive. DO NOT DO THIS.

  • Personal software or CD's may not be used on library computers.

  • Loaning or copying computer software.

  • As with all other services, standard library policies also apply to the use of the Internet.

  • Time on the Internet is unlimited if no one is waiting- 30 minutes if someone is waiting.

  • Misuse of the computer or of any aspect of this policy will result in the loss of computer privileges.

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