Photo Editing & Design

Summer reading timeline template with pinks and purples against orange and pink gradient background.

How to Make an Impressive Flow Chart Fast

Looking to capture your audience better, faster, longer? Use this flow chart guide for fast designs.
Multiple grad students with dynamic faces throwing cap into the air at graduation and wearing dark blue robes against textured light blue background.

Craft a Graduation Poster to Celebrate for a Lifetime

Graduation posters are forever keepsakes. Read this guide to learn how to craft one to perfection.
Resize picture options for tropical environment: palm trees alongside beige and blue buildings and light blue sky in background.

How to Resize a Picture Like a Pro

Resize pictures or videos by cropping or using our Smart Resize tool for any social platform.
Face swap photo example with parent and child. One wearing red and gold shirt, another in purple button up.

Create a Face Swap Online in 3 Easy Steps

Learn to create face swaps online that spark smiles and laughs with PicMonkey's epi design tools.
Circle image featuring multiple design elements: person with bright pink lipstick and pink sunglasses, and green, purple, and blue leafy graphics against electric colored tropical background.

Make a Circle Image in 4 Easy Steps

Make a circle image for buttons, designs, pfps, and more with PicMonkey's easy-to-use design tools.
Layered design of exercising woman with warm colors and "Run the world" text in athletic running position.

Layer Images: How to Use Layers in Your Designs and Photo Editing

Learn to layer images like a pro with PicMonkey's easy-to-use photo editing & graphic design tools.
Two iPhone examples of a dark photo and a light photo of a dog laying on its back at the beach. Beach background of sand and water.

How to Brighten Photos on Your Phone or iPad

Learn how to brighten photos on your phone or iPad easily with this quick-fix tutorial.
Photo overlay examples in scattered collage format of varying pink and orange shades. Pink building & pink flowers.

How to Make a Photo Overlay that Captures Any Audience

Take your pics to the next level and learn how to make a photo overlay with this inspired tutorial.
picmonkey mobile app 5 tips for designing with photos on your phone

5 Ways to Take Your Mobile Designs to New Heights

Only using a laptop to create graphic designs is *so* 2011. Now you can do nearly everything from yo...
Splitscreen of two smiling women holding up a Instagram-style frame, showing how you can use PicMonkey's Edge Sketch tool to turn photos into sketches.

Create a Photo Sketch with Edge Sketch

Learn how to use the Edge Sketch tool and turn your pics into art.
An informative survey of ten types of graphs and charts, and tips for making them

Types of Graphs and Charts

An informative survey of ten types of graphs and charts, and tips for making them.
Black and white side profile of woman with yellow ampersand layered for a 3D effect.

Layer Text on Photos for High-End Designs

Learn how to layer text and images to add dimension to your designs.
tips and tricks for food photography with a phone

Food Photography: Mobile Editing Tips and Shooting Secrets

These tips + the PicMonkey mobile app = downright drool-worthy food pics. Now that's math we can get...
social media post maker on your phone with picmonkey mobile app

Social Media Image Sizes on the PicMonkey Mobile App

With our preset crop sizes, you can post to your favorite social media sites anywhere, anytime.
picmonkey mobile app photo effects to brighten pictures and save bad photos

Use the Lush Photo Effect to Save Blah Photos on Your Phone

Our newest addition to the PicMonkey mobile app is one one-click pic fixer. Learn all about it here,...