Photo Editing

PicMonkey is the easiest and most powerful online photo editing tool you’ll ever have the fun of using. These articles will help you learn to edit your images like a pro. We’ll walk you through the basics like cropping and resizing, teach you about how to use touch up tools, and show you how to master advanced skills like masking—and we’ll make it fun and easy, swear.

Image of original pink flower in vase up against a blue mirror and same image editing with pink mirror against textured light blue background.

Become an Image Editing Pro with PicMonkey's Supreme Design Tools

Elevate that photo with can't-miss editing assets from PicMonkey. Enhance? Soften? Sharpen? All?
Blue background with two pop-up windows: one showing woman laughing with pink shirt and pink lipstick against yellow background, the other with colorful templates.

Introducing Creative Flow, PicMonkey’s New BFF by Shutterstock

Curious what's happened since Shutterstock and PicMonkey joined visions? We've got th answers.
Resize icon showing an Instagram image of neon green, purple, and blue apartment building with a tree out front.

Resize and Format Instagram Photos Like a Boss

Instagram can be a monstrous undertaking without the right tools. Get the full scoop with this guide...
Electric green background showing various neon templates and download options for PNG, JPG, and GIF animated image.

Befriend Your File Formats: On PNGs, JPGs, and GIFs

Stressed about which file format works best for your design? Not with this guide! Check it out.
Smiling woman on beach with man in background being erased using PicMonkey's Clone tool.

How to Edit Something Out of a Picture with Clone

PicMonkey's Clone tool? Edit something out of a picture — stray thumbs, hairs, photobombs, oh my!
Four-square collage of various profile pictures.

Create Your Best Profile Pic

Create your best profile pic in minutes with PicMonkey's dreamy effects and powerful touch-up tools!
Resize picture options for tropical environment: palm trees alongside beige and blue buildings and light blue sky in background.

How to Resize a Picture Like a Pro

Resize pictures or videos by cropping or using our Smart Resize tool for any social platform.
Face swap photo example with parent and child. One wearing red and gold shirt, another in purple button up.

Create a Face Swap Online in 3 Easy Steps

Learn to create face swaps online that spark smiles and laughs with PicMonkey's epi design tools.
Shape cutout example: circle photo with men and women in bathing suits assembled in a circle on a pool deck. White text reads "Group vacay ideas."

Use Shape Cutouts to Frame Your Photos

Shape up your pics with a circle, heart, star, and more with PicMonkey's unmatched design tools.
Orange canoe on river turned into photo illustration with PicMonkey's design tools.

Learn How to Turn Photos Into Illustrations

Turn photos into illustrations with PicMonkey's snazzy effects and design tools.
A mirror image example with aerial view of a highway. Beige, grey, brown colors creating kaleidoscopic design.

How to Make Mirror Images That Literally Turn Heads

Make a mirror image in PicMonkey with our unique photo editing and graphic design tools.
Same man in four collage squares with applied pop art filter of varying color combos: blue and red, green and pink, orange and blue, and orange and purple.

Use PicMonkey's Pop Art Filter for a Warholesque Look

Use PicMonkey's epic pop art filter to Andy Warhol-ify your favorite pics. Try for free today!
Photo of woman with background partially removed using PicMonkey's Background Eraser tool.

Instant Photo Background Eraser

Remove a photo background with one click using PicMonkey's instant photo Background Eraser tool.
Background remover before and after photograph of smiling woman in a blue suit.

Automatic Background Remover, Plus Design Inspo!

Learn how to remove photo backgrounds in just one click with this PicMonkey tutorial.
Photo of red-headed woman in white dress walking through woods among bright green leaves in partial high resolution. Focal point shows low res and background of nature trees is hi res.

How to Make a High Resolution Image for Print or Web

Learn how to create a high resolution image so it'll look great when you print or post online.