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Why Isn’t PicMonkey Free Anymore?

PicMonkey used to offer a "freemium" version in the old platform, and we've also offered bits and pieces of our tools for free in the past. We still get asked about this sometimes so we want to make sure those previous users or those familiar with the Old PicMonkey know that our New platform has improved exponentially since then, with current, in-demand features priced competitively in the current market.

Now, you can try most of our features without a subscription, but you'll need a paid subscription (or a free 7-day trial) to download or share your creations. See: Can I use PicMonkey for free?

Note that you can use the PicMonkey mobile app for free.

PicMonkey subscriptions fuel the future of PicMonkey and allow us to continually add new features and assets, making paid subscriptions more valuable all the time. Visit the What's New page to see all the cool new stuff we've been adding including an instant background remover tool, millions of stock photos, brand kits, and so much more.

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