All the PicMonkey Tutorials!

Welcome to PicMonkey’s tutorials, grasshopper! Here, we will train you in the ancient arts of image editing. Quickly master the basics like sizing and cropping, or upgrade your skills with advanced techniques like masking or cloning. Follow along in the editor and you’ll be creating pro-looking images in no time.

Image of original pink flower in vase up against a blue mirror and same image editing with pink mirror against textured light blue background.

Become an Image Editing Pro with PicMonkey's Supreme Design Tools

Elevate that photo with can't-miss editing assets from PicMonkey. Enhance? Soften? Sharpen? All?
Resize icon showing an Instagram image of neon green, purple, and blue apartment building with a tree out front.

Resize and Format Instagram Photos Like a Boss

Instagram can be a monstrous undertaking without the right tools. Get the full scoop with this guide...
PicMonkey's online collage tool for making stunning collages.

How to Make a Collage

Learn how to make a collage that captivates any audience with PicMonkey's easy-to-use design tools!
Circle image featuring multiple design elements: person with bright pink lipstick and pink sunglasses, and green, purple, and blue leafy graphics against electric colored tropical background.

Make a Circle Image in 4 Easy Steps

Make a circle image for buttons, designs, pfps, and more with PicMonkey's easy-to-use design tools.
Orange canoe on river turned into photo illustration with PicMonkey's design tools.

Learn How to Turn Photos Into Illustrations

Turn photos into illustrations with PicMonkey's snazzy effects and design tools.
A mirror image example with aerial view of a highway. Beige, grey, brown colors creating kaleidoscopic design.

How to Make Mirror Images That Literally Turn Heads

Make a mirror image in PicMonkey with our unique photo editing and graphic design tools.
Layered design of exercising woman with warm colors and "Run the world" text in athletic running position.

Layer Images: How to Use Layers in Your Designs and Photo Editing

Learn to layer images like a pro with PicMonkey's easy-to-use photo editing & graphic design tools.
Same man in four collage squares with applied pop art filter of varying color combos: blue and red, green and pink, orange and blue, and orange and purple.

Use PicMonkey's Pop Art Filter for a Warholesque Look

Use PicMonkey's epic pop art filter to Andy Warhol-ify your favorite pics. Try for free today!
Photo of woman with background partially removed using PicMonkey's Background Eraser tool.

Instant Photo Background Eraser

Remove a photo background with one click using PicMonkey's instant photo Background Eraser tool.
Monogram logo example of a white mug with black and purple gradient circle in center and "MG" initials in white Monoton font.

Make a Monogram Logo with Our Monogram Maker

Learn how to make a monogram logo with our monogram maker in this quick, easy, & inspired tutorial.
Photo overlay examples in scattered collage format of varying pink and orange shades. Pink building & pink flowers.

How to Make a Photo Overlay that Captures Any Audience

Take your pics to the next level and learn how to make a photo overlay with this inspired tutorial.
Flat lay of Black hands, laptop, mouse, coffee, paperclips, and notebook.

Flat Lay Photos: 10 Tips for Acing the Internet’s Chicest Trend

Boost your social media following on all accounts with these compelling flat lay photo ideas.
Two white iPhones displaying various background colors. Left iPhone: light salmon background with teal, white speckled, and orange textured geometric shapes. Right iPhone: light purple and paper effect background with two circles – a girl and green leaves.

Make Your Own Phone Wallpaper

Make beautiful, custom phone wallpaper for your phone's lock and home screens with PicMonkey!
Colorful to-do list with botanical texture and space for urgent tasks, non-urgent tasks, and notes.

How to Make a Checklist: 3 Steps to Boost Your Productivity

Turn your impending to-do tasks into a stunning checklist that you’re willing to follow.
PicMonkey flyer and poster templates against a blue background.

How to Make a Flyer That Leaves You Flying High

Learn how to build the perfect flyer for any business event.