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With 87% of their 200 million monthly users purchasing products after viewing, Pinterest is a platform you need to be paying attention to.
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Customizable Pinterest Pin Templates

Chances are, if you’re selling something, you’ve stuck a pin on Pinterest. While it doesn’t have the raw numbers Instagram and Facebook have, it drives a ton of sales, especially among U.S. millennials.

So how can you grab their attention? Product shots, sure, but you need to stand out from all the other product shots. Our templates will help you do just that. Pro-designed and customizable, they give you the framework to quickly create pre-sized pins that look great.

Choose a template, replace the photo with one of your own, drop in a description — baddabing, baddaboom! You’ve got a terrific-looking image ready to be pinned, seen, and clicked. Your customers are waiting.

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