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Sharing Product Photos Directly to Etsy

PicMonkey users with an Etsy account can now share their product photo images directly to Etsy from the PicMonkey editor. After sharing to Etsy, PicMonkey will provide you a direct link to the draft listing so you can finish adding the details.

How to share product photos directly to Etsy from PicMonkey:

  1. Edit your Etsy product photos in your PicMonkey account

  2. Click Share from the top tool bar

  3. Select Etsy listing and authorize the connection from PicMonkey to your Etsy account (only the first time)

  4. Enter the listing title if you want, then upload the image

  5. PicMonkey will show you the direct link to the image in Etsy

  6. Go to your Etsy account where the image will be saved as a draft listing

FAQs about sharing images to Etsy from PicMonkey

Q: What size images should I make in PicMonkey for Etsy product listing photos? A: Etsy suggests that a product photo should be 2000 x 2000 pixels. You can find this pre-sized blank canvas here.

Q: Can I share a whole bunch of pics from Hub? A: No, you can share single photos from the editor.

Q: Can I share a listing video directly to Etsy from the PicMonkey editor? A: No, only still images. But you can create a video listing image in PicMonkey, download it to your computer, then upload it to Etsy. Learn more about listing video here.

Q: Does this share-to-Etsy function also work for shop banners or icons? A: No, this is only for sharing your product photos to Etsy.

Best practices for Etsy product pics

Check out Etsy's guide to product photography to learn all you ever wanted to know about creating excellent product pics. In a nutshell:

  • Dimensions: at least 2000 px wide and the height is flexible

  • Supported file types: JPG, PNG, GIF

  • File size: less than 1 MB, and < 300 KB will upload quickest

  • Convert your images to the sRGB color profile to ensure the colors remain true once uploaded (all images export from PicMonkey as sRGB)

  • Use at least 5 different images so shoppers can get a feel for the product

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For more tips on shooting and editing product photos, see: Product Photography Tips for Online Sellers

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