White Hall Sewer & Stoneware Co. and A. D. Ruckles' Pottery

Manufacture of clay products was one of the leading industries in White Hall for many years. The first stoneware made in Illinois was made in White Hall.

Records show that the first known ware was the ordinary red variety made from red clay and glazed with red lead.

Records also show that the first genuine salt-glazed stoneware made in Illinois was made in White Hall.

Ruckles' installed the first steam powered engine to be used in White Hall Pottery. Ruckles' were famous for their Blue Band Stoneware.

Production was stopped at the Sewer Pipe plant in 1959 and it was completely destroyed by a fire in the early 60's.

A. D. Ruckle & Son plant only produced stoneware. It was sold to John McQuillan and has not been in operation for several years.

Today, pottery pieces that have been made in White Hall are quite collectible.

For more information please visit the White Hall Township Public Library

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