PicMonkey Help & Support

The Bottom Toolbar

The bottom toolbar launches palettes and tools for adjusting your canvas.

The icons from left to right:

  • Before/After: The black/white square when clicked and held will show you what your design looked like when you started. 

  • Zoom Circles: Use the zoom + and - circles to increase or decrease the size of your canvas.

  • Percentage drop-down: Click to quickly change to a specific %, or zoom to fit the screen.

  • Undo/Redo arrows: Go back one or more steps. Or, put back one or more steps you undid. 

  • Pages icon: Add additional pages to your project up to a maximum of 30.

  • Layers panel: The 3 stacked squares icon will launch the Layers panel where you can select and reorder the layers in your design (such a graphics, text, photos, etc). (See: All About the Layers Panel)

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