PicMonkey Help & Support

Using Video on the Mobile App

All mobile app for iOS users now have the ability to design with video clips and to use video in their designs.

  1. Open the PicMonkey app and choose a video to edit from the home screen.

2. Tap Effects in the bottom toolbar to apply an effect. Or use Adjust to modify Exposure, Color, or Contrast. Tap the check mark in the upper right corner to apply any changes.

3. Add text and graphics to your video, or draw on top of your clip. 

4. To mute/unmute the volume of your video tap the volume icon in the bottom toolbar. 

5. When you’re finished, tap Save in the upper right corner to export to your phone’s camera roll, to save in Hub, or to share to Instagram. Select More to see more sharing options such as messaging, email, Twitter, Facebook, or to save to an external cloud drive.

What this feature it is/does:

  1. Free for all users

  2. Add a video as a background

  3. Add a video as a layer

  4. Background videos can have all our existing adjustments and filters applied to them

  5. Videos are exported as MP4s

  6. Videos can be uploaded to Hub with a 100mb limit

  7. Note this is iOS only for now

  8. Muted and unmuted sound

What it’s not/doesn't do:

  1. Stock videos have yet to be added to the app, but are coming soon

  2. Trim video—to trim your clips, use PicMonkey desktop version

  3. Live photos are not supported

  4. GIF content is not supported at this time, although it is on the desktop version

  5. Reverse is not supported

  6. Volume control is not adjustable, but it is on the desktop version

  7. Android versions of the app will not have video capabilities

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