Weekly Schedule Maker

Make weekly schedules with PicMonkey's weekly schedule maker tools

PicMonkey’s weekly schedule maker tools help you create beautifully designed schedules that make you feel good about staying organized. Use graphics, text, and colors to make a weekly schedule you’re proud to use. Get started for free with a seven day trial!

Make weekly schedules with PicMonkey's weekly schedule maker tools

How to make a weekly schedule

Pick a template

Grab a weekly schedule template to get started. If you're running on pure creative adrenaline, you can also design your own from scratch with a blank canvas.

Customize your template

Give your schedule some personality with customized graphics. Swap in your own text on the template if you’d like to define new sections. Then try a text effect like curve, outline, or drop shadow. You can also choose from hundreds of beautiful fonts to really add some stylish flavor to your schedule.

Explore color patterns

Different colors elicit different feelings. Decide the vibe you’re going for, and consider various color combinations for your final design.

Download and print

Your finished design will auto-save so that you can always edit it in the future. Once you’re happy with your product, download and print on some durable cardstock so that you can put your hard work to use!

FAQs about weekly schedules

Do I need a schedule?

Totally up to you. But schedules do prove useful, even in the smallest capacity. Start with your must-make appointments. Or use your schedule to prioritize things you want to do outside of work and other personal obligations. You know, me time. Keeping your week organized can be a fantastic exercise for your mental health.

What if I want to make a schedule for each day of the week?

Nice! In addition to the daily grind, we have gorgeous daily and class schedule templates that you can use. So whether you’re tracking the daily work grind or that hectic day-to-day class juggling act, you can do so with a beautifully designed schedule.

What else should I use a schedule for?

SO many things. Keep track of work commitments (teachers — lesson planning?), classes, exercise routines, weekly appointments, social events, allotted nightly time for watching episodes of Bridgerton...again, SO many things.

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Making weekly schedules with PicMonkey

For a cleaner day-to-day, or week-to-week, or month-to-month, try a schedule. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted from organization, with something extra: stunning design. Forget trying to stay organized with a plain yellow legal pad. Take your organizational strategy to new heights with a professionally designed schedule template that’s a reflection of who you are...and keeps you mega organized.

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