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What Are the PicMonkey vs Creative Flow+ Parity Differences?

Basic Parity

FeaturePicMonkey BasicPicMonkey ProPicMonkey BusinessShutterstock CreateNotes
Cloud Storage (Hub) 1 GB*1 GB PicMonkey Basic allowance with Shutterstock grants you get access to Catalog, an unlimited storage hub for your designs, uploads and Shutterstock-licensed content.
Download as JPG, PNG
Download as PDF
Built-in Fonts, Graphics, Textures, and Effects✅ ❌Create supports a different library with more fonts, graphics, textures and effects than PM. However, there is a large number of PM fonts and graphics, textures, and effects that are not in Create.
Free Basic Stock ImagesPicMonkey basic offered the lowest level of stock images from Shutterstock. While create has a vast library of royalty-free and licensable images.
Free Stock VideoCreate currently doesn’t have video capability. But it is on our road map and should be available in the not-too-distant future.
Add and Trim VideosExport in GIF or MP4 via PicMonkey.
Templates✅ ❌✅ ❌✅ ❌✅ ❌Create supports more templates than PicMonkey, although some PM templates are not available in Create. We are always increasing the volume and variety of templates, but we are no longer updating PicMonkey.
Touch-up Tools
Email Support Creative Flow + users will benefit from the wider global support resources of Shutterstock. To start an email query visit our webform https://www.shutterstock.com/help
Phone SupportSame as above
Chat SupportSame as above

Pro Features

Feature PicMonkey Basic PicMonkey ProPicMonkey BusinessShutterstock CreateNotes
Brand Kits (Colors, Custom Fonts, Logos)✅ 1✅ Unlimited
Premium Stock ImagesPicMonkey Pro offered premium stock images from Shutterstock. Create also offers a vast library of royalty-free and licensable images.
Custom FontsWe do not support this in Create just now.
Searchable Tags
Collaboration & Shared FoldersCollections can be shared with other Shutterstock users. Whoever creates and shares the collection can continue to update it and viewers will see this in real time. However, no one else can add to these collections.
Team FoldersTeam folders are interconnected folders for all users under one business subscription. This is not currently available in Create.
Smart Resize
One-Click Background RemoverFair usage policy for PicMonkey is 1500 per month. Creative Flow+ is unlimited.

Creative Flow+ Features

FeaturePicMonkey BasicPicMonkey ProPicMonkey Business Shutterstock CreateNotes
AI-Powered SearchHelps you locate images that directly serve your demographic and design goals.
PredictUses data-backed insights and AI to predict which trends and assets will best serve your audience.
CatalogThis is the home for all your assets. You can organize, filter, collaborate, and sort in just a few clicks.
PlanAccess the smart calendar for creatives to collaborate and create in no time.
Music, Video & ImagesLinked directly into the Shutterstock eco-system you get access to the largest assortment of music, video and image libraries ever.

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