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What is a PicMonkey Business Subscription?

The Business subscription level is available to both individuals or teams. The subscription offers all Pro features plus unique features to help you manage your brand, work more productively, and collaborate with others. 

This includes multiple brand kits, the ability to tag your files, and for teams of 2 or more: team folders, real-time co-editing, and commenting to collaborate with team members and manage workflows.

What are team folders?

For teams of 2 or more, team folders let you share images with anyone in your subscription. Team folders are the nexis for team collaboration: you can co-edit, in real-time, any image in a team folder and comment on images in these folders. Everyone in your subscription has access to all team folders. 

What are the different roles and permissions in my subscription?

The Business subscription enables a team ecosystem in which to collaborate. There are three different roles, each with unique permissions: Owner, Admin, and Contributor. 

  • The Owner manages the payment for the subscription and can add seats, revoke seats, cancel and renew the subscription. This role is assigned to the person who first purchased the Team subscription. The team Owner is also assigned the role of Admin.

  • The Admin manages other team member roles, and can assign team members to be an Admin or Contributor.

  • All other team members are Contributors. 

How do I add more seats to my subscription?

As a Team Owner, go to the Account Settings page and click on the Team tab, and click the link to ‘Add more seats’. On the payment page, you can then add the desired number of seats and complete the purchase process.

Only an Owner can add seats. If an Admin tries to add seats, a modal will appear letting them know that they need to ask their Team Owner to do so.

How do I invite people to seats I have purchased?

As an Owner or Admin, you can invite people by clicking the ‘Invite team member’ CTA (shown above), which sends an email to the invited user and directs them to sign in and validate their email address.

I received an invitation to join a PicMonkey team - do I have to pay?

This means someone else has purchased a Business subscription for you as a team member. Simply accept the invitation and sign in.

If I am a Team Owner and a team member leaves my team, can I reassign the paid seat to someone else?

Yes, you can revoke the seat from the person to whom it is now assigned, and assign it to a new person, as long as you keep that seat active. Go to Account Setting, click the Team tab, click the three dot context menu to the right of the person’s name, and click ‘Revoke link’. Then click the ‘Invite team member’ CTA to invite a new team member to that paid seat.

As a Team Owner, can I disband my team but keep an active subscription for myself?

Yes. You can go into Account Settings, click on the Billing tab, and click the link to ‘add or remove seats’. To disband your team, simply remove all paid seats but one, for yourself. This will cancel the subscription for all paid seats but your own. 

Note that your team members will not receive a notification when you do this, so be sure to let them know. If they log in to PicMonkey they will see a modal notifying them that their subscription has been canceled.Your Team Folders will persist but only you will have access, unless you again add team members to your account.

Any brand kits created by team members will be accessible to you as the Owner.

How do I cancel my Business subscription?

You can go to Account Settings, on the Billing tab, and click ‘Cancel my subscription’.

Note that your team members will not receive a notification when you do this, so be sure to let them know. If they log in to PicMonkey they will see a modal notifying them that their subscription has been canceled.

If I upgrade to Business, what happens to my Shared Folders?

If you have existing Shared Folders, nothing changes for you with regard to these folders. You can continue to use Shared Folders exactly as you do today. 

However, shared folders are being retired for new users and users who do not already have shared folders when we introduce the Business subscription. If you already have shared folders, you will now have both shared folders as well as the opportunity to create team folders.

How do multiple brand kits work?

With the Pro subscription, you can create one brand kit. With the Business subscription you can create as many brand kits as you'd like – to support brands for multiple clients, different marketing campaigns, or even to create unique looks or aesthetics for repeat use. All brand kits are created in Hub, just like you've been doing, and accessible when you are creating and editing images.

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