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What is Creative Flow+ and How Does It Relate To PicMonkey Users?

Creative Flow+ is the next evolution of PicMonkey. Using the framework that made PicMonkey so amazing, we’ve enhanced what’s possible and gone beyond what we thought to be possible, infusing Shutterstock's AI-backed tools into PicMonkey.

Note that within Shutterstock's creative suite lives Shutterstock Create, the new and improved image editing tool that most resembles PicMonkey. We are currently working on this suite—where Generate, Predict, Plan, Catalog, and Shutterstock Create live—aiming to bring PicMonkey parity to the Shutterstock editing tool as we can.

With that said, due to the changing landscape of design and demand for online content, we have begun to look past parity, by enabling the power of proprietary technology that only Shutterstock can offer.

Stepping into the Shutterstock eco-system means gaining access to the world's biggest libraries of music, video, and images like never before.

PicMonkey will not change from the editor it is now. This means you can continue to use the site and our mobile apps as you always have.

There will be no updates to templates, graphics, or other tools and features as we continue development on the Shutterstock Creative Flow+ platform.

As a PicMonkey subscriber do I get access to Creative Flow+?

Note that Creative Flow+ and Creative Flow are essentially the same, with the exception that the "+" represents premium users. It would be the equivalent to PicMonkey Pro or PicMonkey Basic. With the pre-launch of the new tools and features underway, anyone can access Shutterstock Create and use the basic features without signing up. You’ll notice a similar vibe and setup as PicMonkey, but we have some workflow and UI changes to help in your design efforts. These tools are not included with a PicMonkey plan.

If you find the Shutterstock Create editor better supports your work, you can sign up. Please get in touch with PicMonkey Customer Support to gain assistance in this transition.

What happens to my PicMonkey subscription?

We are not currently looking to force migrate any PicMonkey users across to Shutterstock Create. If you decide to do so, you can sign up for a new plan and manually move the Hub contents you wish to keep across to the Shutterstock catalogue.

Your PicMonkey account will stay in place, however, without an active subscription, the tools and features will not be available.

Do I have to pay more for Shutterstock Create?

There are a couple of different plans to choose from at Shutterstock. You can access Create for free! However, for some of the premium tools like one-click Background Remover, Smart Resizer, and additional AI-backed assets, you can upgrade your plan as a monthly billing or yearly subscription.

Currently, these prices are similarly accessible to PicMonkey. There is not a basic or team/business alternative just yet.

What does it cost for an image license at Shutterstock and do all include Creative Flow?

There are plans that do not include access to Creative Flow and all-in-one subscriptions that do. If you have purchased one that doesn’t by mistake our Shutterstock support team can help.

License subscriptions vary in cost. They let you license images and graphics as well as videos and music tracks. These costs are done on a credit system and again vary depending on the region and content.

Credit costs vary between eight, 10, 20 and 25. Be sure to check out https://www.shutterstock.com/pricing for more information. Or, visit the article: How does the Shutterstock FLEX subscription with credits work?

Will there be any new updates or features added to PicMonkey now that Shutterstock has released Creative Flow +?

PicMonkey will not change from the editor it is now. You can continue to use the site and our mobile apps as you always have. However, know that there are no planned updates to templates, graphics or other tools and features as we continue development on the Shutterstock Creative Flow platform.

How does the user interface of Creative Flow+ compare to PicMonkey?

We have changed things around to create a better experience and more intuitive interface than before. While most of the tools you’ve come to love with PicMonkey are still in Creative Flow (and host a similar design layout), you’ll see we’ve added more direct links to the most popular tools with more obvious categories for ease of use.

Who is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock, Inc. is a leading global creative platform offering full-service solutions, high-quality content, and applications for brands, businesses and media companies both directly and through its group of subsidiaries.

Will PicMonkey continue to exist?

Yes. We are committed to maintaining the PicMonkey site and our offering to you is not changing. You’ll be able to access and use PicMonkey as you always have.

Will PicMonkey end at some point in the future?

PicMonkey will likely be sunset at some point. Due to our focused development on Shutterstock Create and limited updates to PicMonkey, it is reasonable to assume that there won’t be enough subscribers to keep the site running.

At this point, we hope all current and new PicMonkey users will switch to Creative Flow and continue on this journey with us.

Will there be any changes to the customer support offered by PicMonkey now that Creative Flow is available?

PicMonkey customer support will continue as we are. You can find our contact information on our site. Go to the bottom of the page and select Support​.​ If none of the help articles works for you, then you can send the request via the Contact form here​.

We're also accessible via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, all of which are at the bottom of our home and help pages, or get in touch via email at help@picmonkey.com.

Did the PicMonkey Terms of Service change?

Only slightly since Shutterstock took over in Sept 2021. You can always access our updated ToS and privacy policy here.

Will I still be able to access my files/images via PicMonkey if I start a Shutterstock plan?

Yes. None of your project files will disappear from Hub. We will continue to maintain the storage for PicMonkey users while plans are active.

Will I still be able to access the layers on my design if I move them to Shutterstock Create?

At the moment no; we have no direct or transfer link from PicMonkey to Shutterstock. When downloading from PicMonkey the file will be flattened and a singular image when uploaded.

Will PicMonkey move my files/images over to my Shutterstock Create Hub?

Shutterstock Create includes Hub storage called Catalog. Here you’ll find uploads and images you choose to license from Shutterstock available to you while you work.

We are not currently able to migrate any images from PicMonkey to Create. Any images you wish to use in Create will need to be downloaded from PicMonkey and then uploaded manually.

Do I have access to my PicMonkey history?

We are not moving account history, however, you can download any required invoices. Although you might have already canceled your PicMonkey subscription, the site is not yet planned to sunset. Your account will remain and you can come back if desired. Tools and features will not be accessible unless you start a new subscription.

Can I upload Getty or Unsplash images I used in PicMonkey to Shutterstock and create new designs?

Yes, you can. Since you already used the image and it’s stored in your PicMonkey Hub, the PicMonkey-specific licensing has been recorded with this image. You still have to adhere to the terms and conditions linked to its usage.

I was with PicMonkey since PicNic and paid $37 per year/ $4.99 per month. I don’t need any of the new AI tools Shutterstock is offering, can I get the same price?

We love to hear from customers who have been with us from the start. While we cannot offer the same exact price, we do have some coupons to offer current or previous PicMonkey users. Contact PicMonkey support via help@picmonkey.com from your current or previously registered email address and they’ll let you know what’s available.

Also, PicMonkey isn’t going anywhere just yet. We aim to maintain the site for as long as customers use it and it’s financially stable. And there are no plans to change the current PicMonkey prices, so you can continue as you are for the foreseeable future.

Are there any tutorials or resources available to help me learn how to use Creative Flow+ effectively?

The Shutterstock design blog offers tutorials, tips, and tricks with creative suggestions to get you started. You can also sign up for our weekly design newsletter at the bottom of our blog page for updates on the latest trends. We will continue to develop new tutorials and update our resource site as the tool develops.

Are there any restrictions on the types of designs or projects I can create with Creative Flow?

There are diverse offerings made available to you inside Creative Flow, showcasing the best in photo editing and graphic design. While still in development there are some limitations, tools, and features not yet available. However, it is quickly becoming more advanced and smarter than PicMonkey ever was.

What file types does Shutterstock Create support?

We support all the same file types as PicMonkey: JPG, PNG, SVG, PDF and HEIC. You can export in JPG, PNG and PDF.

What is the max canvas size for Shutterstock Create?

The tool supports a max size of 12288 x 12288 px and soon will also be visible in centimeters and inches.

What is the max upload size for Shutterstock?

You can upload images up to a max size of 90 MB to the Shutterstock Catalog and then edit them in Shutterstock Create.

Can I use Creative Flow on different devices and platforms, such as mobile or tablet?

Right now, we’re focused on building out the best creative suite of tools we can. To achieve this, we’ve dedicated our time to the cloud website service. That’s not to say we won’t have cross-connections or services in the future on mobile via an app.

You can log into your account via a tablet device and use Creative Flow. We know the PicMonkey app is loved by thousands of users. For right now, we’re creating the best web-based service solution around.

Will Creative Flow be updated regularly with new features and tools?

Yes! As design trends and technology change, we will continue to develop and release the latest in available design and creative technologies. Shutterstock has been a leader in this field for some time and will continue to promote and work to offer full-service solutions with high-quality content.

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