Zoom Background Image Maker

Make custom Zoom background images with PicMonkey's templates

Our Zoom background images can’t promise you a promotion, but they’re sure to draw a few smiles during your mid-week virtual sesh. And if you’d rather start from scratch, just upload your own photo(s) and customize with text and graphics. Get started for free today!

Make custom Zoom background images with PicMonkey's templates

How to make Zoom background images

Pick a template

Choose a Zoom background template that speaks to you. If you're feeling truly inspired, try starting with a blank canvas. You can always choose a template later.

Add photos to your design

If you’re using a blank canvas, upload a high-res photo and it will be perfectly sized for a Zoom background. You’re also free to add photos to an existing template, or swap out images.

Customize your template

Replace any text with your own words or fonts. Add graphics for flair. Try out unique color combinations if they vibe with your design. You have unlimited customization pathways to walk down!

Download and use

When you’re all done, download your design to your computer and upload to Zoom. Don't worry, your design will always auto-save in our cloud storage, so if you ever need to make changes, you can do so in a flash!

FAQs about Zoom background images

How do I make Zoom backgrounds?

The easiest way to make a Zoom background is to start with one of PicMonkey’s templates. They’re professionally designed and come in many different styles. Then, you can customize your selection with text, colors, and graphics.

What should I use for my Zoom background?

Lots of people aim for “funny,” but comedy is subjective, yeah? Maybe you just want a beautiful landscape in your background, or something that adds a little energy to an otherwise late-day meeting. Whatever the case, you know your crowd. Opt for something that fits your workplace vibe.

What size should my Zoom background be?

Zoom recommends a size of 1920 x 1080 pixels (an aspect ratio of 16:9). Lucky for you, our templates come pre-sized, meaning you get the perfect look every time. Just customize your design, download, and upload straight to Zoom. No sweat.

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Making Zoom backgrounds with PicMonkey

Like all things in life, Zoom has its pros and cons. Your brain might be ready to throw in the towel after a full day of virtual meetups, but there’s no denying the platform’s utility, especially...now. Lots of Zoomers enjoy creating lighthearted or funny backgrounds, so we’ll show you how to do just that using PicMonkey’s editor. Read on for a look at some of our favorite Zoom background templates and design ideas…

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