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Instagram design posts covers stories

PicMonkey is perfect for designing Instagram Stories, posts, and more!

Instagram design posts covers stories

How to use Instagram templates

Choose a template

Select a stylin’ Instagram template from our ginormous design template library.

Customize for your brand

Click and replace words and pics. Use Brand Kits to keep it on-brand.

Export to Instagram

When your design is ready to go, just export and upload to the ‘gram.

How to make Instagram Stories

  1. Choose Templates from the left side of the editor.

  2. Type “Instagram Stories” in the Template search field.

  3. Click a template to open it in the editor.

  4. Customize with your own photos, graphics, or text.

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How to make Instagram posts

  1. Choose a template from

  2. Simply click and replace our text and images with yours.

  3. Your design autosaves in Hub where it remains editable.

  4. Export your image and upload to Instagram. Need to post elsewhere to? Smart Resize makes it fast.

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Marketing your business on Instagram

Create a biz account

Business accounts let you sell goods and track analytics.

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Advertising on Insta

Build a successful marketing strategy on Instagram.

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Selling on Instagram

Run a successful e-tail business on the ‘gram.

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Get more followers

Tips for expanding your audience.

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Graphics for Instagram

We have 6,000+ customizable graphics for your designing pleasure. Check out these sets and more:

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PicMonkey graphics gif

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