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With our templates, you can quickly design beautiful calendars that let you keep track of your business and personal whatevers in style.
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Make a calendar

Want to know what time the grade school musical starts (or more likely, ends)? Sure, you could pull out your phone and start tapping away, but sometimes a retro solution is more convenient. How about sticking a printed calendar on the old icebox? You know, paper, magnets, the whole bit. Talk about the bee’s knees, daddy-o!

But why stop there? How about making a weekly chore list to send to the less-motivated members of your household? Or an old-school, at-a-glance homework tracker? (Note: This will make you extremely popular with the kids in your house.)

Our calendar templates make it easy to create custom weekly or monthly calendars (both print and online) with room for notes and task lists. Customize them with your photos or pull some out of our stock photo library. They’ll totally razz your berries!

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