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Our YouTube channel art templates are here to help you make polished thumbnails, covers, and ads in mere minutes—no design skills required.
PicMonkey Templates

Boost your views with YouTube channel art templates

Even if you’re a borderline pro, making videos ain’t no small feat—the shooting! The editing! The outfit planning! So get more eyeballs on the final products with irresistible (or, should we say, irre-clickable?) channel art.

All of our Youtube channel art templates are crafted by professional designers and fully change-up-able. Peruse our collection until you find the YouTube cover photo template, thumbnail, ad, or whatever other YouTube template that makes your design-y senses tingle, then click Customize. It’ll open in the PicMonkey Editor, where you can swap in your own pic, change the colors, play with our fonts or any font on your computer, add original graphics—basically, just make it more “you” (it is for YouTube, after all).

When your YouTube template transformation is complete, our integrated storage feature will keep it re-editable, in case you wanna make changes later. Then pop it into YouTube and get to work on your next video—your fans are waiting!

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