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Second chance/first impression — you know how it goes. Use our cover letter templates to create a letter that reflects your personality.
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Fabulous Cover Letter Templates

Your cover letter is the combed hair and ironed clothes of the correspondence world — if you ain’t got the basics, you might not get a second look. So how can you make sure your cover letter is as impressive as you are? Glad you asked, because we’re here to help.

PicMonkey’s cover letter templates are designed by pros for pros (and soon-to-be pros). Our fully-customizable layouts include suggested graphics, complementary fonts, and visual treatments that will help you stand out without being over the top. Swap out whatever elements you like to create the look that best represents you.

From traditional to modern to all points in between, our cover letter templates can help you get that freshly shined shoe in the door. Just don’t forget to clean your nails and do the laundry.

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