Card Templates

Ditch canned sentiments and send happy birthday/thank you/National Donut Day wishes with custom cards. Our card templates help you say it all with style.
PicMonkey Templates

Make a card online in (almost) no time

Our templates help you make a card online (and get a store-worthy look) without having to be the Grand Poobah of design. Whether it’s something for mom, the birthday girl, the love of your life, or to Sam from accounting because it’s Taco Tuesday, we gotchu.

Just click a card template to get started on your card creation adventure, and it’ll open in the Editor. Customize it a little, or give it an extreme makeover by swappin’ out all the images, fonts, and colors. It’s your card, and you’ll design how you wanna.

Our integrated storage feature keeps your masterpiece re-editable, in case you want to customize it for another recipient (we won’t tell) or catch a typo right before you’re ready to print.

When you’re done, send your never-before-seen card on its merry way, through email, snail mail, Pony Express revival, message in a bottle—or whatever other delivery method you prefer. Boom! Original sentiment expressed.

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