Infographic Templates

Convert online customers, impress the boardroom, or dazzle the lecture hall. Wherever you’re at, we’ve got an infographic template to help you tell your story.
PicMonkey Templates

Enlighten your audience with infographic templates

Infographics are superfood for the brain. Infographics create value for your audience (online or offline) because they break complex topics into digestible visual stories that “just make sense.” Maybe it sounds kind of difficult to create infographics. Don’t worry! PicMonkey has infographic templates that will turn your data and information into something stunning (and easily understandable) super fast. No design skills needed!

All of PicMonkey’s infographic templates are fully customizable. That means you can make them your own by adjusting the colors to match your brand or presentation, tailoring the text, changing up the fonts, and swapping in the perfect images to capture your audience’s imagination.

Create infographics, and your audience will adore you. Your boss will promote you. Your classmates will applaud your genius. (Okay, maybe not, but you will definitely turn some heads). Pick any template and get started!

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