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It’s easy to create a unified look for your event with PicMonkey’s Facebook event cover templates. Just add details!
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Customizable Facebook Event Cover Templates

If you’ve got an event to promote, you’re gonna put it on Facebook, right? Of course you are. That’s how you’ll get the 2.5 billion active monthly users to show up. Better buy an extra veggie plate.

All right, all of Facebook’s users won’t show up (probably), but you can entice a higher proportion of your own friends and followers by creating eye-catching visual collateral, like an event cover. Not a designer? Don’t worry — we are, and you can use our Facebook event cover templates. You’re welcome!

So wuddya got? A party? A workshop? A festival? We’ve got templates for all of those and more. Use as-is or give it a tweak. You can get one up and running in minutes. Post it to your page and wait for the RSVPs to roll in.

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